Surgical Instruments

Diagnostic, Aesthesia And Other Instruments

Page No: 01-10

Scalpels, Knives And Scalpel Handles

Page No: 11-14


Page No: 15-31

Dissecting and Tissue Forceps

Page No: 32-42

Sponge, Dressing and Tissue Grasping Forceps Towel Clamps

Page No: 43-48

Vessel Clips, Bulldog Clamps Haemostatic Forceps

Page No: 43-48

Ligature,Hysterectomy and Compression Forceps Vainal Clamps

Page No: 58-60

Needle Holders Suture Instruments

Page No: 61-65

Probes,Pocket Instruments Sets

Page No: 66-68

Wound Retractors

Page No: 69-80

Self-Retaining Retractores, Abdominal Retracots

Page No: 81-85

Abdominal Surgery Intestinal-and Rectal Instruments

Page No: 86-93

Gall Bladder-.Liver-and Spleen Instruments

Page No: 94-96

Genito Urinary Instruments and Trocars

Page No: 97-100

Vaginal Specula and Uterine Dilators

Page No: 101-106

Uterine Probes, Uterine Dressing-, Polypus and Ovum Forceps

Page No: 107-109

Biopsy Instruments and Curettes

Page No: 110-116

Obstetrics and Tracheotomy

Page No: 117-119

Cardiovascular-and Thoracic Surgery

Page No: 120-128

Bone Punches, Rongeurs

Page No: 129-134

Elevators, Bone Levers, Raspatories, Bone Files, Bone Curettes

Page No: 135-139

Mallets, Chisels and Gouges

Page No: 140-141

Bone Holding Forceps, Bone Rongeurs, Bone Cutting Forceps

Page No: 142-146

Plaster Instruments

Page No: 147-157

Hospital Wares

Page No: 167-174

TC Instruments

Page No: 175-187